Click through to view SABMillers St Stefanus six-month aged beer

Click through to view SABMiller's St Stefanus six-month aged beer

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Van Steenberge's St Stefanus six-month aged beer

Category - Beer, craft, bottled, unpasteurised, aged for six months, 7% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, in on-trade and specialist off-trade

Price - Not specified

Distribution - Miller Brands (UK)

Last year, a 33cl bottle version of St Stefanus – aged for three months - was launched in the UK through a distribution deal with SABMiller. This month, Miller Brands will begin distributing a 75cl variant, which has been aged for six months.

The ageing allows the beer to continue maturing in the bottle until it is opened.

“Craft beers are increasing in popularity,” said Miller Brands' director of trade marketing, Lucy Jordan. “The specialist beer market is in 21.4% Nielsen off-trade moving annual total (MAT) 7 August 2011 and CGA on-trade MAT 26 November 2011 value growth, compared to 3.1% for the total market.

“Belgian beers are particularly popular and command a 59% price premium in the on-trade and 52% in the off-trade … over the average bottled lager.”

St Stefanus is produced by the Van Steenberge brewery and the Sint Stefanus monastery in Belgium.