V-Net Beverage, Inc. has signed an exclusive agreement to produce and market Allimax Beverage. The drink contains the patented ingredient Allisure, scientifically proven to reduce the symptoms of the common cold, ulcers and the superbug MRSA, according to studies conducted by the American medical journal "Alternatives."

V-Net expects distribution to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

In a statement, CEO Robert Corr said: "V-Net strives to be on the cutting edge in the industry. We led the way with high-quality Ginseng beverages and are now entering our second phase in value-added products to keep consumers healthy. Allimax is proven to reduce symptoms in a variety of ailments including the common cold and digestive maladies. Our new Allimax beverage, taken as a daily supplement will dramatically effect the health of consumers, all in a bottle of water. We are extremely excited about the introduction of this cutting-edge beverage."
The main ingredient, Allisure, is a 100% pure stabilized allicin extract marketed by Allimax US Nutraceuticals, a division of Allimax International Limited located in the UK.

According to studies conducted in the UK, allicin, the primary active agent generated in garlic, has been widely investigated for its benefits as an antioxidant. British scientists have developed a proprietary process to extract the allicin in its purest form, thereby producing Allisure, a 100% pure stabilised allicin extract, which is tasteless and odourless.