uvine, the world's first online stock exchange for wine, today demonstrated its commitment to becoming the optimum trading forum for fine wines by appointing Frank Hohmann III, Managing Director of Global Equity Derivatives at Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette as its Non-Executive Director.

uvine.com launched its exchange for wine on 8th May this year. It is revolutionising the way fine wine is traded around the world by making transactions as easy, secure and anonymous as trading stocks and shares. uvine offers the fastest and least expensive way to trade fine wine charging a simple 3.5% exchange fee to buyer and seller rather than up to 40%, the more traditional brokers commission. The operation is backed by one of the largest and most successful US funds - Moore Capital, along with esouk.com Limited and Eden Capital.

Frank Hohmann is Managing Director of Global Equity Derivatives at Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette in New York where he has been since 1978. Frank Hohmann's appointment as non-executive director strengthens an already impressive Board. uvine's Chairman is Christopher Burr M.W. - a leading wine industry figure who was previously International Head of Fine Wine at Christie's, the traditional auction house. uvine's Chief Executive is Andrew Halstead, a successful wine and software businessman who brings a wealth of expertise including setting up Vermilion, the ground-breaking wine financing company. Managing Director is Richard Laughton, previously online business development manager for United News and Media.

Frank Hohmann said:

"I am thrilled to join the team at uvine. uvine offers a unique way of trading fine wine and, for the first time, allows customers to set the market price for some of the world's most prestigious and exclusive wines. This new way of trading fine wine means that everyone can benefit. It is exciting to witness this trading revolution and I believe I can make a significant contribution to the business. A fine wine portfolio should be part of any wine lover's assets."

Andrew Halstead, Chief Executive Officer of uvine, added,

"I am delighted that Frank has joined uvine as non-executive director. His genuine love of fine wines and knowledge of the securities and derivatives markets is a perfect synergy for uvine. uvine is changing the way fine wines are traded. The uvine exchange gives people immediate access to some of the world's finest wines wherever they are - be it London, Europe, the US, or Australasia. Fine wine is a very sophisticated commodity".