USA Springs has finally received the go-ahead to draw water from springs in Nottingham. The water company has spent the last three years battling with activists and state officials in the area.

Late last week, the Department of Environmental Services gave USA Springs a 10-year permit to draw 307,528 gallons of water a day from three bedrock springs in Nottingham. The Department had earlier rejected the company twice.

As part of the agreement, USA Springs must pay for water monitoring equipment and services to measure water levels of private wells in Nottingham and neighbouring Barrington, as well as its own property. If bottling operations cut into neighbours' water supplies, USA Springs must provide an alternate source. The company also must pay to remove contaminants from an adjacent site, where tests found traces of pollutants.

Opponents to the permit have 30 days to appeal. USA Springs must pass a water quality test, as well as secure a state bottling permit, which will only be issued if the company passes a three-month monitoring period of water levels. The company also needs a local permit to build a bottling plant on the site.