A. Lassonde Inc, has announced it has reached a licensing agreement with Sunkist Growers Inc, of California which will enable A. Lassonde to increase sales by approximately US$50m over the next five years.

The agreement between the two companies covers all of Eastern Canada for the processing, distribution and marketing of Sunkist brand juice and uncarbonated fruit drinks.

"The agreement is a perfect fit with Lassonde's strategic development plan. We intend to maintain our leadership role in the Canadian juice and fruit drink sector," said Jean Gattuso, company president.

"Sunkist has strong brand recognition and will be featured on shelves alongside other Lassonde industry brands like Rougemount, Oasis, Fruite, Bright's, Allen's and Graves, to name but a few," he added.

Sunkist is the oldest and largest marketing cooperative in the US.

A. Lassonde Inc., is a subsidiary of Lassonde Industries Inc.

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