Last year, the number of breweries passed 3,000

Last year, the number of breweries passed 3,000

The number of breweries in the US has surged past 4,000, just 15 months after crossing the 3,000 barrier.

The Brewers Association (BA) said this week the figure is on course to pass 1873's record high of 4,131 by early next year. It also said 75% of drinking-age people in the US now live within ten miles of a brewery.

The BA announced last year that at the end of June, the US had 3,040 breweries. Bart Watson, the trade body's chief economist, said at the time the numbers signalled a “return to the localisation” of beer production, as nearly 99% of breweries are “small and independent”.

Watson reiterated his comments today, saying the map of US brewing continues to diversify.

“As America’s beer culture continues to deepen and spread, there are still ample opportunities for well-differentiated, high-quality entrants,” Watson said.

In the UK, the Campaign for Real Ale said this month that the number of breweries had jumped by double-digits for the third year in a row.