The launch of 'vodka-in-a-bag' has whipped up a storm of controversy in Ireland, according to press reports. Bullseye Baggies, sachets containing 30mls of vodka, were launched on Wednesday by the Little Drinks Company, retailing at €1.50 each.

Ireland's National Off-Licence Association yesterday called on its members to refuse to stock or sell the bags, according to the Irish Independent. "The National Off-Licence Association is committed to responsible marketing of alcoholic products and considers 'vodka bags' to be an inappropriate addition to the product range available in Irish off licences," the group told the newspaper.

The Irish Independent also said today that the country's Minister for Health, Micheal Martin, described the vodka sachets as "an unacceptable development".

Galway West TD Noel Grealish has called for it to be banned, the newspaper said. Grealish said that the sachets were clearly targeted at young people, and could easily be concealed and taken into a nightclub to spike someone's drink.

According to the owner of Little Drinks, Dr Joe Elias, the sachets are designed to help limit alcohol consumption.