Legal action against the US brewer Coors Brewing has been dropped by the mother of a teenager killed while driving drunk.

The lawsuit, according to the lawyer representing Jodie Pisco, was filed to challenge a Nevada law that protects alcohol providers from being sued. Pisco also wanted to draw attention to the problem of underage drinking and how she believed drinks companies targeted under-age drinkers with their adverts.

Speaking to the Reno Gazette-Journal, the lawyer, Ken McKenna, said: "After doing some research, we decided that the Supreme Court is unlikely to be inclined politically to overturn the protection for alcohol distributors."

A Coors spokeswoman, said the company was pleased that McKenna decided to withdraw the lawsuit.  "While we all deeply sympathize with the family of Ryan Pisco, we also knew that a case holding others responsible for his death was entirely without merit," she said.