Internet wine sales topped GBP800m last year

Internet wine sales topped GBP800m last year

Internet wine sales in the UK are predicted to grow in the next three years to 14% of the total market in the country, a new study has said.

Online sales in 2015 topped GBP800m (US$1.1bn), or 11% percent of the UK's overall wine market, according to a Wine Intelligence survey commissioned by the German Wine Institute. A quarter of the UK's 29.6m regular wine drinkers bought wine online, spending an average of GBP7 per bottle.

The study also found that the country's online wine buyers tend to be younger and express an above-average interest in wine. They most appreciated the convenience of online purchasing.

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The most frequently-purchased red wines were Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in 2015 while Sauvignon Blanc was the top white wine, followed by Pinot Grigio.

The Wine Intelligence report surveyed 1,018 regular UK wine drinkers in October last year.

A study from NASA and Harvard University last month said that the impact of drought on wine grape harvests has largely disappeared in France and Switzerland as overall climate change plays a larger role.