Indian drinks giant The UB Group has sealed an agreement with Carlsberg to market the Danish beer major's brand in India. The beer is expected to be available in the market by the end of September.

In an interview with local press UB vice-president Vijay Rekhi said: "We plan to go ahead with our import plans despite the high duty structure. There is always a market for these products in the country.

"As per our import plans, we have forged a tie-up with Carlsberg to import their products into India. Besides our usual sales to duty free shops and five-star hotels we will be marketing this beer through retail outlets in various cities."

Rekhi said that the launch in selected markets reflected the strategy the company would be taking for all its imported range. He also confirmed that a list of other imported products had been lined up by UB and would hit the market by mid-October.

The Carlsberg brand will not, UB say, clash with any of the company's existing range of beers. "Our products have a market of their own and the new product will create its own market," Rekhi said.