United Breweries Group (UB) is planning to launch three more wine brands in the Indian market. The expansion in its wine portfolio will go through Baramati Grape Industries, the group's wine business arm.

This is expected to double the company's production base to 10,000 tonnes a year, through the introduction of more varieties and the employment of more contract farmers.

According to Vijay Mallya, the UB group's chairman, the company also has plans to import bulk wines with a view to introducing new brands to the Indian wine market. In India, bulk imports are duty free, unlike bottle-in-origin (BIO) wines.

The company is already present in the domestic wine market with two brands in the premium range - red Bosca Riesling and rose Bosca Riesling. McDowell & Company, the UB group's flagship spirit entity, also has tie-ups with three major overseas wine makers for importing BIO wines.