The current chief executive officer of Türk Tuborg, Ercüment
Berilgen is leaving his position, owner Carlsberg said today, in view of the present difficult state of the economy of Turkey.

In a release the company said Berilgen and its board of directors are in full agreement that in "the present difficult state of the economy of Turkey, Türk Tuborg needs a CEO who is more financially focused."

The statement went on to say that Berilgen's force is his "undisputed professionalism within sales and marketing and he has managed to increase Türk Tuborg's market share to 24%."

Berilgen will potentially move to another international Carlsberg market.

Bjørn M. Wiggen, senior vice president in Carlsberg Breweries, with responsibility for the Group's breweries in Central and Eastern
Europe, is taking up the position as CEO until a new CEO has been found. Wiggen has previously been CEO of the leading Swedish Pripps Brewery and the leading Norwegian Ringnes Brewery. The rest of the management team remains unchanged.

Türk Tuborg is the second largest brewery in Turkey with a market share of 24% based on an annual volume of 1.8m hl beer.

Carlsberg Breweries acquired 82 per cent of the shares in 2001.

Carlsberg said its still perceives the acquisition of the majority shareholding in Türk Tuborg as a "long-term investment and is confident that Türk Tuborg is well on its way to strengthen its market position."