Tropicana is adding a new orange drink with additional fibre to its portfolio.

The juice giant has started shipping Tropicana Pure Premium Essentials with Fibre. The drink will be sold nationwide from January, with a 64oz carton costing around US$3.49.
The new juice has 3g of added fibre per 8oz glass - claimed to be as much fibre as in a medium-sized orange.

Tropicana vice president of marketing Rick Gomez said: "We have given people another reason to drink orange juice every morning. It is an easy way to incorporate more fibre with something they already love."

In the US, nine out of ten adults fail to meet the adequate intake levels for dietary fibre, according to government figures.

Tropicana nutritionist Debra DeMuth said: "While whole fruit remains an important source of fibre, we wanted to offer another great tasting option for the many people who find it challenging to meet the daily recommendation for fibre."