Tropical Beverage Inc is to release a series of beverages into the US market packaged in a proprietary flask. The line, called Pure GUTZ includes 3 grouped offerings, an oxygenated water that has a suggested retail price of US$0.99, a line of flavoured sports drinks based upon the NEW technology that the company recently acquired, and an energy drink line called Energy Push.

Each grouping will have multiple flavours that are scheduled to be released in the coming months.

"The excitement is in the air. We have been refining this product over the past few months and distributors are lined up and ready to receive it. Our initial projections are for over US$30m in sales in the first year, and this is only the first of four products that we have planned to release. Our plans are to build up our distribution and bring the other products into the fold steadily over the next few months," said Chris Lotito, COO for Tropical. "The company is poised to make a major move in the market and we feel confident that Pure GUTZ will have a dramatic impact for us," he added.