Tropical Beverage has begun upgrading its manufacturing facilities.

The California-based company said yesterday (8 August) that - among other investments - it had started upgrading clean rooms, introduced new bottle handling and packing equipment and upgraded fillers to handle more volume.

"The end result of these improvements will be more cost effective bottling that will be reflected on our bottom line," a spokesperson for the water producer said. "The best part of these improvements is that there is no direct cost to Tropical. Our existing customers are working with us to make and pay for the improvements and will be rewarded in lower prices on future orders.

"The results will be faster, more efficient lines that will handle the growing volume demands of our customers, and in return we will be able to pass along the savings to them, without any negative effects to our gross margin."

Tropical is hoping the overhaul will allow it to double capacity while cutting back on current production time and costs.

The company's stable of brands includes pure spring waters, flavoured waters and vapour-distilled waters.