Treasury Wine Estates’ launches The Skinny Vine in the US this month

Treasury Wine Estates’ launches The Skinny Vine in the US this month

Treasury Wine Estates’ The Skinny Vine

Category - Wine, California, three varietals

Available - From this month

Location - US, off-trade and online at

Price - SRP of US$11 per bottle

Distribution - Treasury Wine Estates (TWE)

TWE has launched a range of lower-calorie wines in the US to coincide with the New Year. Slim Chardonnay, Mini Moscato and Thin Zin roll out across the US this month.

The Skinny Vine portfolio contains around 95 calories per 5oz serving – 25% to 35% fewer calories than traditional wine, according to TWE.

Research from The IWSR last year found that global demand for low-calorie drinks is being driven by health-conscious women. The research publication highlighted the success of Beam Inc's Skinnygirl cocktail brand as evidence of the rising trend.

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With health resolutions popular this time of year, newly-launched low-calorie wine The Skinny Vine makes it easy for wine drinkers to stick to a low-calorie lifestyle with a little indulgence. Skinny Vine wines, created by global wine company Treasury Wine Estates, are now available for purchase online at as well as at a growing number of retail stores across the country. The wines have less than 95 calories per five ounce serving – 25-35% fewer calories than traditional wine – while offering the taste and quality of traditional full-calorie wines.

Christine Avanti, author of Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food, and nutritionist to celebrities, believes The Skinny Vine fits perfectly with her approach to diet and lifestyle – and especially for those who made a resolution to pay more attention to what they put into their bodies in the New Year.

"Dieting can be tough, so enjoying a glass of wine in moderation can be an easy indulgence that won't wreak havoc on your waistline – especially if it is a glass of lower calorie Skinny Vine," said Avanti. "It's my new go-to treat after a long day at work." 

The Skinny Vine wines, designed to appeal to the growing number of health-conscious women and men, are sourced from high quality California grapes. The line offers three popular varietals: Slim Chardonnay, Mini Moscato and Thin Zin, at a suggested retail price of $11 a bottle. Each varietal delivers the full spectrum of fruit intensity and complexity, while managing alcohol content to create a full-flavored, low calorie wine.

The fruit forward Skinny Vine Mini Moscato tastes of juicy peach, apple, pear, and honeysuckle while the The Skinny Vine Slim Chardonnay is perfect for any occasion with its subtle ripe apricot and honey citrus aroma and vanilla and oak spice finish. The Skinny Vine Thin Zin has a bright and airy attitude that comes from its luscious blend of ripe berries, honeydew, and crisp citrus flavors plus a hint of clove.

This is the latest new product from Treasury Wine Estates, which has been vigorously innovating in recent years, successfully launching new wines including: Be., Emma Pearl, Sledgehammer, and Beringer Red Moscato.


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