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Treasury's 2010 Penfold's Bin 170 Kalimna Shiraz

Category - Wine, Australia, Barossa Valley, 14.5% abv

Available - From this month

Location - In UK, exclusively through retailer Berry Bros; other markets vary

Price - In UK, GBP2,332 (US$3,925) per magnum; GBP1,992 per case of three 75cl bottles; GBP33,000 per imperial in Linley collection box

Treasury Wine Estates has released a 2010 vintage Penfold's Bin 170 Kalimna Shiraz.

THe expression is a single block, single vineyard wine, taken from old vines planted in the Kalimna vineyard in Australia's Barossa Valley. It comes in three sizes, with the imperial presented in a specially-commissioned box made by UK designer David Linley.

Only seven of the boxes will be available world-wide, and each is locked with a jade dial that can only be opened by inserting the longitude and latitude coordinates of the Penfold's home estate, Magill.

Treasury today sent a market update to the Australian Stock Exchange denying it was in talks with Pernod Ricard over selling its US assets.

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