Oleg Tinkoff, the owner of the Russian beer maker Tinkoff, has said he will begin a concerted effort to focus on the premium end of the Russian beer market.

Tinkoff said that it will concentrate its efforts on its breweries and beer production, although the company's restaurant business will remain a principal parts of the business.

Tinkoff is planning to promote his products in the premium end of the market, where many Western brands now operate. "He will struggle with Western giants like SABMiller with its "Miller" brand, (which occupies 30% of the segment), Stella Artois and Gosser," said an industry insider. All these brands are being brewed in Russia under license by largest Russian breweries.

However, Tinkoff does a good track record in band building and its own distribution network through its restaurant chain.

At the moment Tinkoff occupies about 1.2% of premium beer segment (30 rubles and higher for a 0.33 litre bottle).