Tiger Beer is now being brewed in Thailand, Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (APB) has announced. The beer is being brewed in the country by an associate company, Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Co. Ltd (TAPB).

In a statement to the Stock Exchange of Singapore, APB said that brewing Tiger Beer at the TAPB brewery, located at Nonthaburi, will maximise its brewing capacity which was doubled in February this year to 2 m hectolitres. It said Tiger Beer will be available at more than 10,000 outlets, including convenience stores, grocery shops, hypermarkets and restaurants in Thailand.

Speaking to Asia Pulse, APB's chief executive officer, Koh Poh Tiong, said: "Brewing Tiger Beer in Thailand adds one more piece to the Asian map for the growth of the brand."

Thailand is now the 7th country to brew the popular beer.

Koh said TAPB has gained about 80% of the Thai premium beer market with Heineken beer.
"Our next step, therefore, is to grow the premium beer segment and we believe that we can achieve this by brewing Tiger Beer locally," he told Asia Pulse.

"Heineken and Tiger Beer together have formed a formidable partnership that has been successful in many countries."

Apart from extending the brand further, Koh said that the move is also strategic in enabling TAPB to counter competition in Thailand.