Allied Domecq has unveiled the latest advertising campaign for its coffee liqueur Tia Maria. The TV ad, called "Come to Mummy" is to cost £5.5m (US$7.8m) and will run nationwide across the UK from October.

The ad is part of AD's attempt to push Tia Maria as a modern mixer to women between the ages of 18 and 40.

Filmed in Mexico and produced by Rianey Kelly Campbell Roalfe Y&R, the ads feature Katrina Preciado, who uses her mystical powers to draw a highway patrol man to a seductive encounter.

In using dark, alluring images it is a natural continuation of Tia Maria's past campaigns such as "After Dark" and "Princess of Darkness".

Richard Hayes, marketing director of ADSW (UK) said: "'Come to Mummy' is a very powerful piece of advertising, which uses Tia Maria's values of intrigue, mystery and sensuality to create a scenario where a girl, using her power of control, draws the male to her - but leaves the outcome totally to the imagination of the viewers."

ADSW has an aggressive media plan for the advertisement. In the initial launch period alone, it says that "Come to Mummy" will be seen by 6.8m or 80% of the target group 18- to 44-year-old women at least once, with 60% seeing the ad three times.