Tia Maria is to launch a new outdoor advertising campaign in the UK as part a of £2m investment into the brand this year.

The campaign is in a 'film noir' style and consists of two executions, 'Hypnotic Eye' and 'Scorpion', accompanied by the straplines 'Don't look into her eyes' and 'She may not be what she seems'.

Breaking on November 21st, the campaign is the next stage in a programme that ran from February to Spring 2005, and an outdoor advertising programme first seen in November 2004.

Over 60% of Tia Maria consumers will see the campaign an average of 15 times, a statement claimed.

"Our recent ATL activity has been highly successful," said Aileen Nicol, brand manager, Tia Maria at new owner, Pernod Ricard. "Brand awareness for Tia Maria is incredibly high at 95%, and almost three-quarters of consumers questioned agreed that 'The Dark Spirit' campaign stood out from the norm, with most finding it 'mysterious' and 'stylish'. The next stage of our outdoor campaign is just as impactful and will further build affinity and relevance with our consumers."