Three Thieves Bandit, the self-styled US wine brand "with an environmental conscience," has launched more "green" packaging in the US.

Bandit Bullets is a 250ml Tetra Prisma container made from 70% paper with an easy-open pull tab. Bandit Bullet varietals will include Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon. The packaging adds to a range that "pioneered" putting quality wine in one-litre jugs and Tetra-Briks, according to one of the brand's founders.

"Bandit Bullets shift the wine paradigm in just about every way possible," said Charles Bieler, one of the original Three Thieves, yesterday (29 March). "No bottle. No opener. Less waste. Less energy use. It's packaging for a green planet!"

He added: Wine in a box saves energy, reduces waste and helps the environment. We are here to prove that being good for the Earth is not just good for the quality of the wine - it's also good business."

The Three Thieves wine range is distributed in the US by Napa Valley wine group Trinchero Family Estates.