Click through to view Thomas Hine & Cos Hine Grande Champagne Cognac 1983 Early-Landed

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Thomas Hine & Co's Hine Grande Champagne Cognac 1983 Jarnac-Matured, Early-Landed

Category - Spirits, Cognac, 40% abv

Available - From this month

Location - In the UK, the US, Russia, China, France, Germany, Romania, Taiwan and Ukraine, in the on- and off-trade

Price - In UK RRP of GBP285 (US$440) per 70cl bottle for Early-Landed, GBP360 per 70cl bottle for Jarnac-Matured

Distribution - In UK Pol Roger, in US Anchor Inc, In France Dugas

Thomas Hine & Co has lined up the launch of two Cognacs distilled in 1983. The Jarnac-Matured and Early-Landed expressions will both be available in selected markets around the world later this month.

No more than 50 bottles of each will be available globally.

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This year HINE is releasing a duo of 1983 Vintages, Jarnac-matured and Early-Landed, as birthday and anniversary bottles. Fewer than 50 bottles remain of this pair of impressive 1983 HINE Vintage cognacs. 

Bernard Hine explains, “The personality of these Grande Champagne Cognacs were the result of a good summer in 1983. On the nose the Jarnac-matured 1983 has hints of wood, spices, leather and nuts with a round, full-bodied, exceptionally long palate. The 1983 Early-Landed is round and balanced having developed its richness from the humid ageing conditions in Bristol. On the nose, hints of fig, crystallised fruit, gingerbread and honey with a long velvety finish. ”

Over the centuries, the HINE family has acquired the intuitive skill of judging when an individual young cognac has the potential to develop into something very special. In each exceptional year, HINE set aside a few casks of the finest Grande Champagne cognacs to mature in the 18th century cellars beneath their offices in Jarnac or to be shipped in cask to the United Kingdom, and matured as Early-Landed cognac. 

The 1983 Early-Landed was shipped in fine-grained French oak casks to Wickwar, near Bristol, at the end of 1985 to gently develop and mature in these damp English cellars. 

Just like great wine, the character and taste of a Vintage cognac will depend on the climate of that particular year, as well as cask and storage conditions during ageing. HINE makes little, but the best. Their Vintage cognacs are released at a minimum age of 20 years and are available in very limited quantities. They are always especially sort after by connoisseurs and cognac lovers around the world. 

HINE 1983 Jarnac-matured is available at Vintage House, Old Compton Street, London W1 at £359.95 a bottle and at The Churchill Bar, Hyatt Regency London –The Churchill, Portman Square, London W1 at £45 a 50ml measure. The 1983 Early-Landed is available at Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd, London SW1 at £285.00 a bottle. Trade enquiries to: Pol Roger Ltd. Tel: 01432 262800 Email: 

For 250 years the quality of HINE cognacs, has been recognized all over the world. The HINE family of cognacs includes: H by HINE, HINE Rare VSOP, Homage to Thomas Hine, HINE Cigar Reserve, HINE Antique XO Premier Cru, HINE Triomphe, HINE Mariage, Jarnac-matured and Early-Landed Vintages.


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