The week in soft drinks and bottled water

The week in soft drinks and bottled water

Here's a round-up of this week's top stories in the soft drinks & bottled water categories. We also have similar round-ups for beer & cider and spirits & wine.

From a sales and growth perspective, there’s a lot to like about bottled water. With US per-capita consumption up just over 6% in 2014, according to Canadean, bottled water is helping beverage makers forget about steadily-shrinking sales of carbonated soft drinks. But, bottled water has issues of its own, primarily related to single-use plastic packaging, which is increasingly seen as wasteful and possibly even harmful to health.

Global iced tea consumption is expected to reach around 37bn litres this year, according to new research.

New research has said sugar affects health disproportionately to other foods, countering the soft drinks industry's stance that calories are all the same.

Arca Continental, the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, has reported a strong third quarter and year-to-date.

Cott Corp has continued to offset CSD declines with contract manufacturing and diversification as it returned to the black in nine-month results.

Coca-Cola Enterprises has said it will seek new ways to stoke growth after profits and sales tumbled in its nine-month results.

The head of Coca-Cola Enterprises has admitted there is no precise way to measure returns on events such as the Rugby World Cup but said big-name sponsorship is "who we are".

Currency headwinds have hampered Coca-Cola FEMSA’s third quarter and year-to-date performance. 

Coca-Cola Andina has beaten currency headwinds to post a leap in nine-month profits.