A sister company Innocent Drinks has run into trouble with the UK's advertising watchdog over a campaign for its namesake This Water brand.

Posters advertising different This Water varieties were misleading because they wrongly implied that the drinks only contained fruit and water, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled today (15 October). The drinks also contained added sugar.

The ASA noted in its ruling that a full ingredients list was printed on the bottles.

But, the watchdog said: "Nevertheless, we considered that the use of the term "simple", alongside the text "water from a spring" and "fruit from the trees" linked by arrows to the picture of the product, implied that the drink was simple because it contained water and fruit only."

The regulator added: "We considered that most consumers would not expect such a product, when described as "simple, natural", to contain added refined sugars."

The ruling could have repercussions for other food and drink firms looking to describe their brands in similar terms, particularly given a consumer trend towards natural products.

This Water, which was launched by Innocent Drinks' parent company Fresh Brands as an attempt to expand from its traditional smoothie base, said that the drinks were "simple because they contained only three types of ingredients, compared to other soft drinks in their category, and that the ingredients in their products were 100% natural".

It said the drinks were "at least 90% spring water and pure fruit".