The Pincer Vodka Cos Pincer Vodka

The Pincer Vodka Co's Pincer Vodka

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The Pincer Vodka Co's Pincer Vodka

Category - Vodka, 38% abv

Available - Now

Location - UK, in selected on-trade in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and London. Pincer will be for sale in the on-trade in Caviar House and Selfridges soon.

Price - GBP21.20 (US$32.77) per bottle

Distribution - The Pincer Vodka Co

Pincer can be also be purchased from,, Handford Wines,,, and

The firm plans to increase distribution to the north of England and across Scotland.

Pincer Vodka is infused with milk thistle, which the firm says will “ease the morning after pain”.