As part of an ongoing commitment to increasing customer service through improved product quality initiatives, The Minute Maid Company announced it is shipping products on CHEP 4-Way entry block pallets effective immediately.

"The CHEP equipment pooling system is a reliable source for consistent quality pallets, as well as a valuable tool in the reduction of product unsaleables," said Tom Schraeder, Director of Logistics for The Minute Maid Company. "We view the CHEP program as a core element of our strategy to eliminate product damage throughout the supply chain. Combined with improved practices at our facilities, we expect a dramatic decrease in our damage rates."

The Minute Maid Company will ship chilled, frozen and shelf-stable products on CHEP pallets to customers in the supermarket, mass merchant, wholesale club and foodservice trade channels.

"Shipping our products on CHEP pallets eliminates pallet exchange challenges and provides our customers with the product platform they want," said Schraeder.

The move to the CHEP system is part of a company-wide initiative to reduce product damage. The effort includes company-owned facilities and co-packer locations across the U.S., and extends to packaging design and material handling processes.

"The Minute Maid Company's move to ship on the CHEP block pallet shows a genuine commitment to savings for its customers and the entire juice and beverage trade channel," said Cliff Otto, Senior Vice President - Sales. "These efforts will deliver immediate customer satisfaction and reduced product damage benefits to The Minute Maid Company and their customers."

The Minute Maid Company is an operating group of The Coca-Cola Company and the flagship of its fruit beverage business.

CHEP is an international pallet and container pooling company servicing manufacturers and distributors in the consumer goods industries; grower/shippers and receivers in the produce industry; packers, processors and distributors in the meat industry; home improvement, hardware & housewares manufacturers and distributors and suppliers and assembly plants in the automotive industry.

CHEP service in the Americas spans the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, supplying customers with high quality pallets and reusable containers from a comprehensive depot network. The company is part of the worldwide CHEP organization, which operates in more than 30 countries on six continents and controls more than 134 million pallets and 20 million containers. CHEP operating principles, service organization and computer tracking systems give participants a simple solution and improved efficiency in product delivery.