Proximo Spirits is to run its first UK consumer advertising for The Kraken spiced rum.

Three ads, which originally appeared in a US campaign, will appear on TV-on-demand and in cinemas in September and October to raise awareness in the run-up to Halloween and Christmas. All three can be viewed below.

Dave Steward, business development director at distributor Marblehead, said: “We’re in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose and distribution is arguably running ahead of where we need to be on marketing.

“We set a target of 4,000 cases in the first year but hit 11,000, and in the current year [to June 2013] we should reach 25,000.”

Marblehead has just launched The Kraken in Ireland through distributor Febvre Wines.

Proximo launched The Kraken in the UK last year.