Click through to view The Company of Wine Peoples new-look Versus bottle

Click through to view The Company of Wine People's new-look Versus bottle

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The Company of Wine People has updated the packaging for its Versus wine brand.

The South African company confirmed today (17 October) that it has started the global launch of the new bottle, introduced to “make it more visually striking at point of purchase”. The change has been introduced following “extensive consumer research and consultation with industry experts and valued trade partners”.

“Our consumers have given us great insight into what needed to be changed on the packaging, and we have taken their input to ensure that the brand presence – which is already strong in South Africa and in other global markets – continues to grow,” said Chris O'Shea, executive director for sales and marketing with The Company of Wine People.

New stock will replace the old bottles resulting in some cross-over, the company noted.

Among the key markets for Versus are Finland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan and Russia. The company is set to launch a 2-litre boxed Versus variant “in the coming months”.