The Coca-Cola Cos Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale

The Coca-Cola Co's Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale

Coca-Cola Co's Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale

Category - Soft drinks, ginger ale

Available - From 21 October

Location - Japan, nation-wide

Price - SRP of JPY120 (US$1.20) per 18cl can

Distribution - Coca-Cola Japan

The Coca-Cola Co's Japanese unit has claimed to have invented the hot carbonated beverage category with the launch of Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale.

The new product, which will hit shelves in the country next month, targets consumers looking for a warming drink during Japan's winter months, Coca-Cola Japan said this week. It took four years to develop the means to heat up the drink without spoiling the carbonation, the unit said.

Japanese convenience stores such as 7/11 sell a range of canned hot drinks, including coffee and tea. Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale will be sold alongside these drinks in hot racks, and also from vending machines that can sell hot canned beverages, Coca-Cola Japan said.

The unit has been at the forefront of beverage innovation in the past. In 2009, it launched a green tea-flavoured Coca-Cola that it also claims acts as a fat-busting functional food.