Coca-Cola said the list will be updated twice a year

Coca-Cola said the list will be updated twice a year

The Coca-Cola Co's CEO has promised greater transparency after a report claimed the company was funding science that backs exercise over calorie-cutting.

In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Kent said Coca-Cola will publish a list of the research projects its has backed in the past five years. The list will be updated every six months.

“I am disappointed that some actions we have taken to fund scientific research and health and well-being programmes have served only to create more confusion and mistrust,” Kent said. “I know our company can do a better job engaging both the public health and scientific communities - and we will.”

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The CEO also pledged to create an independent committee to advise on academic funding.

In August, the New York Times claimed Coca-Cola is working with "influential scientists" to promote the idea that exercise is more important than calorie-control in the fight against growing global obesity. The message aligns with Coca-Cola advertising campaigns that highlight how much exercise is needed to burn off the amount of calories in its products.