The brand is set to make its debut on draught in Australia

The brand is set to make its debut on draught in Australia

Thatchers is launching its namesake Gold cider brand in Australia on draught for the first time, after the company signed a deal with Coopers Brewery.

Bottled formats of the brand are also being released in the country's on- and off-trade through Coopers' distribution arm, Premium Beverages, the companies announced late last week. Thatchers Gold is currently being put on tap in hotels across Australia, Coopers said. 

“We expect Thatchers Gold will have a major impact on the draught cider market in Australia,” said Dr Tim Cooper, the company's MD.  

Under the deal, tankers of bulk cider are being shipped to Coopers’ brewery in Adelaide from Thatchers’ facility at Myrtle farm in Somerset, England. The cider will then be kegged by Coopers and distributed to hotels, clubs and bars around Australia.

Australia's fast-growing cider market has seen demand double over the last five years, according to latest figures.

Martin Thatcher, the company's MD said: “Cider is experiencing strong growth in Australia, and is being adopted particularly by a new generation of drinkers who are looking for authentic ciders, with heritage, from the UK."

A Thatchers' spokesperson said Gold was previously available in the Australian off-trade on an "ad-hoc basis", but the deal with Coopers was the first "comprehensive" distribution agreement. 

In November, rival UK group Westons released details of a sweeter version of its 'premium' cider for launch in Australia.