Thatchers Ciderberry

Thatchers' Ciderberry

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Thatchers' Ciderberry

Category - Cider, blackcurrant, raspberry and blueberry flavour, 5.4% abv

Available - Now

Location - UK

Price - GBP3.99 (US$6.28) per bottle

Distribution - Thatchers Cider

Ciderberry is a fruit cider infused with blackcurrant, raspberry and blueberry juices.

“Thatchers Ciderberry is the natural progression for existing fruit cider consumers,” said Thatchers' managing director, Martin Thatcher. “Fruit and Pear is still the fastest growing cider category, and is proving to be an exciting market where innovation is vital for success.”

The product will act as a sister to brand to Thatchers' Katy Rosé pink cider, which was launched in the UK last year.