Thatchers Cider is re-launching its Old Rascal, one of the brewer's original ciders, in the UK.

New packaging and point of sale material for Old Rascal tells the story of the "Rascal fox" and will be available in a two-litre PET. Both the 500ml and two-litre sizes will be available in six-packs.

"Old Rascal is a fine bittersweet cider, produced from some of Somerset's best cider apples, Dabinett and Redstreak," said Martin Thatcher MD. "Aged in our oak vats, Old Rascal is made from a traditional Thatchers recipe. Its popularity as a session cider is combined with all the hallmarks of a distinctive Thatchers product full of flavour and a West Country apple bite."

Thatchers introduced a new, "fridge friendly" 500ml glass bottle earlier this year, offering a 21% reduction in weight.

"Old Rascal has always appealed to older, more traditional drinkers. With cider now attracting a much wider audience, we feel it's time to introduce the Old Rascal to them too," added Thatcher.