Retail giant Tesco is launching wines within its Value range in a bid to meet consumer needs in the current economic climate.

The Value wines, a red, white and rosé Vino de Mesa, retail at GPB2.89 (US$4.54) and are packaged in one-litre tetra prisma paks in order to support Tesco's plan to reduce packaging waste by 25% by 2010.

"The market has changed rapidly over the past twelve months, and we have responded quickly and effectively to these conditions to support our customers' needs," said Andrew Carpenter, Tesco wine category manager.

"Whilst our average bottle spend is still over GBP4, an increasing number of customers are forced to limit their spend.

"Rather than lose them from the category entirely, we have responded with a stronger value offering."

The retailer announced today (28 October) that its Tesco Wine Club Fairs have attracted 40% more visitors this year, with around 7,500 customers attending events in London, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Tesco established the events in London in 2003.

The Wine Club Fairs offer customers the opportunity to develop their wine knowledge and expand their wine repertoires face-to-face with winemakers and suppliers, as well as having the chance to attend wine workshops.