Chinaco has been available in the US for 31 years

Chinaco has been available in the US for 31 years

Tequilera La Gonzalena has lined up a revamp of the packaging for its Chinaco Tequila brand.

The update, announced by the company's US importer, Anchor Distilling Co, will apply across the full Chinaco range, which comprises a Blanco, a Reposado and an Anejo. The bottle and label have both been redesigned.

“Here at Anchor we have witnessed the proliferation of Tequila brands and the resulting pressure on both the back bar and retail shelf,” said David King, president of Anchor Distilling. “This new presentation of Chinaco harks back to the classic packaging of the brand’s early days in the United States where it was the first super premium expression of 100% agave Tequila.

“In addition to giving the brand a feeling of quality and heritage it takes up significantly less space on the shelf, which we hope will help our partners in both the on- and off-trade.”

Alan Kropf, Anchor Distilling's education director, added: “The new packaging aims to capture an aesthetic reminiscent of single malt whisky.”

Chinaco was launched in the US in 1983 and retails at between US$29.99 and $68.99 per unit.

Earlier this week, Constellation Brands announced its intention to acquire the Casa Nobles Tequila brand for an undisclosed sum.