Aguirre Tequila Imports has lined up a limited edition range of 'boutique' Tequilas in the US.

Tequila Angel Bendito Tequilas will officially launch later this summer and will include Blanco, Anejo and Reposado variants.

"This is a hand-made product from beginning to end, from the harvesting of the blue agave to the fermentation," said CEO Ernesto Aguirre.

Anejo is aged for two years for a 'rich wooden' taste, Angel Reposado is matured for nine to twelve months for a 'smooth body and flavour', and Blanco is designed as a foundation for cocktails.

After a launch event scheduled for late summer, the company will follow with a series of print ads and promotion through charitable golf tournaments including the Carson Palmer Open benefiting Hill View Acres, the Jack-in-the-Box/Coca-Cola golf tournament supporting Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation Golf Tournament and the Dave Taylor/Jim Fox Cystic Fibrosis Golf Classics.