French syrups and fruit juice group Teisseire is planning to shed its Givrafruits subsidiary as well as Giraudet, France's leading quenelle producer and the most profitable activity with the group's porfolio at present.

Following the appointment of a new managing director, the family comnpany's strategy is centred on activities, which are in direct synergy with the Teisseire brand.

Givrafruits groups the Moulin de Valdonne brand and a range of Provence-origin sirops de fruit. In 1998 Moulin de Valdonne launched a range of 10% organic fruit syrups and organic fruit juices.

Grenoble-based Teisseire  plans  to continue  its development in the fruit juice sector with its Cactus and Ethno Bar brands. It is also eyeing a push into international markets through sales partnerships.