Tata Global Beverages is to launch a range of health beverages through its joint-venture with PepsiCo India, according to a report.

NourishCo Beverages will extend the Lehar Gluco Plus iced tea range to include energy drinks and beverages fortified with vitamins, The Financial Express reported yesterday (17 August). A Tata spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by just-drinks.

Tata made a foray into the fruit-based beverages sector in 2009 with the launch of tea-based fruit drink Tion. However, earlier this year, the company pulled it from the market for not meeting "the set matrix envisaged by the management at the time of its launch", the company said.

In an exclusive interview with Tata Global Beverages last month, the company's now departed CEO, Peter Unsworth, told just-drinks that its key focus with the NourishCo joint-venture would be to grow the 'good for you' beverage sector in India.

"Longer term, you have to make sure you grow in a positive way, so I think where we go next and what we do next depends on the success with which we can get the products into the market in India," Unsworth said.