A Government-appointed taskforce will make recommendations on combating alcohol-related problems in Ireland, according to press reports. The Irish Times has said today (20 September) that the Strategic Taskforce on Alcohol will present its report to the Minister for Health on Wednesday (22 September).

The newspaper says that the report will recommend restrictions be place on "any further increase" in the number of outlets across the country selling alcohol, and the increasing of taxes on alcohol products.

The Irish Times adds that the report contains nine sets of recommendations aimed at curbing the rising levels of alcohol consumption in the Republic.

These centre on putting in place measures to reduce availability of alcohol, increasing awareness among employers about the hazards of alcohol in the workplace, the need for health warnings to be placed on the labels of all alcohol products and the need for pregnant women to be aware of the dangers of drinking, the newspaper says.

The report also contains a raft of recommendations aimed at protecting children from exposure to alcohol. It says children should be protected from advertising promotions much more rigorously than they have been and that those aged under 18 should not be allowed to work in bars unless they are part of a family which owns and runs a licensed premises.