Tarpan Distillery has launched a marketing campaign in a bid to push its namesake Polish vodka brand in the UK.

The company said yesterday (18 March) that it has begun its campaign in the country with a programme of trade press advertisements, and will be associated with events involving the Polish community, as well as targetting equestrian events throughout the UK this year.

'Tarpan' means 'wild horse' in Polish.

The brand is a triple-distilled vodka from the Masuria region in north-east Poland and was introduced into the UK market last year by importer Drinks and Food UK

"There is currently a gap in the market for a GBP12.99 (US$18.64) premium Polish vodka brand," said Drinks and Food UK's managing director, Marc Charles. "Our research tells us that consumers associate quality vodka with Poland and are prepared to pay a slight premium, but not too much, for a quality product that is produced and bottled there. We believe we have the right brand and strategy to make a real impact in the UK."

Tarpan was launched in the UK last year into the independent retail and cash and carry sectors and has secured listings with Makro and a number of independent cash and carries.