UK tap water has come up near the top in a blind taste test, according to local reports.

A story in London's Evening Standard yesterday (18 December) said that a taste test of 24 waters saw water from a tap in the capital finish third. The panel was made up of experts including a wine critic and a sommelier, the report said.

While Waiwera, a bottled water from New Zealand which retails at GBP9 (US$18) per litre, came out on top, Nestle's Vittel brand came second. The most expensive water, 420 Volcanic from New Zealand, which costs around GBP50 a litre, came in 18th in the test.

Danone's Volvic water brand, was near the bottom of the list, finishing 20th out of 24.

The tap water was priced at around GBP0.01 per litre.