The Washington-based water and functional beverages producer TalkingRain Beverage Company has launched a flavoured water brand called TalkingRain Twist.
The company describes TalkingRain Twist as an "all-natural, delicately flavoured, ultra-premium water with no sweeteners, preservatives or artificial ingredients". The new brand comes in four flavours: lemon, mandarin, peach, and marionberry, and is packaged in a distinctive 30-ounce, square bottle. Two further flavours are to be added in the autumn.
Suggested retail prices are US$1.99 for the 30-ounce bottle and US$0.79 for a smaller size to be launched in due course.
"Twist is perfect for those who want to drink water, know they should consume more, but who get bored with just plain water and don't want something overly sweet or artificial tasting," said TalkingRain chief executive officer Doug MacLean. "Twist incorporates just a twist of pure juice and fruit essences."
TalkingRain reports that Twist is already available in leading supermarkets and speciality grocers, including Whole Foods, Kroger and Sunflower Markets.