Talking Rains Sparkling Ice brand has launched in Mexico

Talking Rain's Sparkling Ice brand has launched in Mexico

Talking Rain Beverage Co has launched its Sparkling Ice brand in Mexico, as the US company continues to expand its global footprint. 

From this month, the brand will roll out through 7-Eleven stores, with Spanish-language labels. Flavours for Mexico include Black Raspberry, Orange Mango, Kiwi Strawberry and Strawberry Watermelon.

"We're thrilled to introduce our... product to consumers in Mexico, while continuing to increase brand awareness and shelf space internationally for our... variety of Sparkling Ice beverages," said Kevin Klock, president & CEO of Talking Rain. "Our expansion into all 7-Eleven retail locations in Mexico marks yet another milestone in the continued international growth of Sparkling Ice."

Sparkling Ice is now available in nine regions including the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Mexico.

The company also announced it would launch a 16th flavour. Grape Raspberry will roll out from January 2017. 

Earlier this week, Talking Rain announced it had appointed Brian Kuz to the role of chief marketing officer.

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