Systembolaget has posted a volume lift in alcohol sales last year.

The state-owned alcohol retail monopoly said yesterday (16 January) that sales measured in pure alcohol in 2007 rose by 5.4% on 2006, totalling 40.5m litres. Marked growth was recorded in the southern counties of Skane, Blekinge and Halland.

While spirits sales were up by 2.3% at 19.3m litres, strong beer sales rose by 5.9% year-on-year to 207.1m litres. Wine registered a stronger rise, up 6% to 159.5m litres.

Although sales of cider slipped last year by 0.9% to 18.1m litres, sales of alcohol-free drinks leapt by 9.7% to 0.8m litres.