Swedish cider brand Herrljunga has made its way to shelves in the UK.

The cider - pronounced Herrunga - was launched in the UK last week, hitting both the on- and off-trade, through drinks distributor Pariatrading, the company said on Friday (6 October). The cider, made from 100% natural ingredients, wil be available in Pear, Apple and Elderflower flavours.

All three varieties will be available in 50cl non-returnable glass or PET bottles with an abv of 4.5%. A 65cl non-returnable glass version will be offered exclusively in the off-trade. At the same time, a low-alcohol (0.7% abv) version will be available in all three flavours in 50cl glass bottles.

"Herrljunga offers consumers a genuinely different cider experience from the current offering in the UK," said company director Rob Nichols. "We are confident that its success and appeal in Sweden will follow through to the UK."

The company also said that a promotional campaign is planned for next year.

Herrljunga is one of the largest producers of cider in Sweden, with annual sales of over 5m litres, representing 16% of all cider sales. Founded in 1911, the brand is currently owned by the Branmark family, which acquired Herrljunga in 1945.