The Scotch Whisky Association has launched a fresh appeal to stop a Canadian distiller using the word "Glen" on one of its whiskies.

The SWA has refused to back down in the trademark row despite two months ago failing in its bid to stop Glenora Distillers International from registering the Glen Breton trademark.

An SWA spokesman said: "The SWA is concerned that the use of the Scottish word 'Glen', widely used on Scotch Whisky, for whisky not produced in Scotland is causing confusion and misleading consumers, whilst unfairly trading on Scotch Whisky's international reputation.

"It is not co-incidental that the Glen Breton product has regularly been found mis-described as Scotch."

The spokesman added: "Like Scotland, Canada shares a number of geographic names with other countries. The towns of Maple Leaf, Toronto and Ontario can all, for example, be found in the US. Following the logic of Glenora's argument, these would all be legitimate names for US rye whiskey. We do not accept that argument and believe the use of such names on US whiskies would be deceptive."