Sutter Home Winery has teamed up with Ball Corporation to switch all of its 187ml wine offerings to PET in the US.

Metal and plastic packaging supplier Ball said today (15 July) that Sutter Home now uses bottles which feature Plasmax, a transparent, internal silicon oxide barrier coating technology that protects the wine inside the bottle.

"Sutter Home made the decision to switch to plastic wine bottles because of our ongoing efforts to become more environmentally friendly," said Wendy Nyberg, senior director of marketing for Sutter Home. "The plastic bottles weigh only one sixth what the glass bottles weigh and they're much smaller, so consumers get the same amount of wine in a smaller, unbreakable, less wasteful and recyclable bottle."

Sutter Home began using Ball's PET wine bottles in select markets in 2005. The US wine company said it has been "pleased with consumer acceptance of the plastic wine bottles as well as the entree they provide into venues that do not allow glass because of the potential for breakage".

To support the national roll-out of Sutter Home's PET wine bottles and additional applications of the Plasmax barrier technology in North America, Ball now operates two InnoPET Plasmax 12D machines from KHS Plasmax - one in its Chino, California, manufacturing facility, and another in Ames, Iowa.

"Producing the PET bottles generates 60% fewer greenhouse gasses than producing the glass bottles," Nyberg added. "Plus the smaller PET bottles allow us to use less fuel and gain supply chain efficiencies because we get more bottles on a pallet and on a truck."