Click through to see Camparis Midori Sour and Midori Skinny Margarita

Click through to see Campari's Midori Sour and Midori Skinny Margarita

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Suntory's Midori Skinny Margarita, Midori Sour

Category - Spirits, cocktail, ready-to-serve, 12.5% to 14% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US, in Arizona, California, and Texas

Price - SRP of US$12.99 per 75cl bottle, also available in 1.75-litre bottles for $19.99

Distibution - Campari USA

Suntory has lined up two additional variants to its Midori Melon Liqueur brand in the country.

As US consumers are looking to entertain more at home than head to bars, the ready-to-serve cocktail category has boomed in recent years.

Last week, Euromonitor highlighted the increased sophistication of products in the sector with drinks companies responding to the 'cocktails at home' culture in developed markets.

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SAN FRANCISCO (July 16, 2012)

Midori Melon Liqueur, the original green, melon liqueur, is capitalizing on the current rise in consumer home cocktailing with the release of two ready-to-serve cocktails: Midori Skinny Margarita and Midori Sour. They are available now in Arizona, California, and Texas. 

Ready-to-serve cocktails have been on the rise since 2009 when consumers scaled back spending by trading big nights out on the town for entertaining at home. Midori’s new Skinny Margarita and Midori Sour allow consumers to enjoy the same great natural, sweet melon flavors of Midori combined with the sweet and sour components of these ever increasingly popular cocktails. 

“Many consumers are intimidated by having to learn how to mix the ‘right’ recipe for our cocktails at home,” says Umberto Luchini, Head of Marketing, Campari America. “Our new Midori Skinny Margarita and Midori Sour ready-to-serve drinks allow consumers to enjoy these popular cocktails without the fuss of making sure they have all the right ingredients or perfect pours. We make it easier for them to enjoy, whether it’s at home, on the beach, or during a weekend picnic.”

Both of these new ready-to-serve cocktails tap into an already energetic, fun, and loyal consumer base who love Midori. With the popularity of Margaritas among women at an all-time high, the Midori Skinny Margarita appeals to one of the largest cocktail consumer segments while also giving health-conscious consumers a “skinnier” option. At 98 calories per serving, it’s one of the “skinniest” ready-to-serve cocktails available on the market today. It was also ranked best tasting in a recent competitive analysis among other skinny ready-to-serve cocktails. Midori Skinny Margarita has a refreshingly sweet taste and a tantalizing aroma of tequila and ripe melons.

Midori’s signature cocktail, the Midori Sour, is a mainstay at nightclubs and bars across the country. Launching a ready-to-serve Midori Sour allows consumers to enjoy this classic cocktail in a more convenient way without the stress of ensuring it is made right. Midori Sour boasts flavors of succulent ripe melons with a bold and fruity sweet & sour taste on the palate.

Midori Skinny Margarita and Midori Sour are available in 750 ml (SRP: $12.99) and 1.75 L (SRP: $19.99) sizes.

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