Suntory has extended its tie-up with PepsiCo in South East Asia, according to reports.

The Japanese company, which bottles and distributes PepsiCo's products in Japan, will sell its coffee RTD brand Boss in Malaysia and Singapore through PepsiCo's sales network in the countries, local reports said late last week.

The company hopes the agreement, which should see sales in Malaysia and Singapore start in November, should contribute around JPY2bn (US$17.6m) to sales by 2010. As of 2009, Suntory said it will look to spread sales of Boss into Thailand and other countries in the region.

No-one was able to clarify the reports at PepsiCo when contacted by just-drinks today (10 September).

Japanese reports in January said that Suntory was looking to tie up production and distribution deals for Boss with local firms in Malaysia and Singapore.

Last week, Suntory said it will buy a 50% stake in Thai soft drinks company Tipco F&B for THB999m (US$30.6m). Suntory will subsequently look to sell soft drinks not only in Thailand, but across South East Asia. The two companies will sell their fruit juice brands under the Tipco name, and their functional and tea ranges under the Suntory name in the region.